Stage 1:

  • Introduction of the Crypto Processing Unit Platform and $CPU Token

  • Initiatives for Community Engagement and Growth

  • Launch of CPU Rental Services


Stage 2:

  • Enhancement of CPU Resources for Expanded Mining Capabilities

  • Development of Advanced Mining Optimization Tools

  • Growth and Scalability Initiatives for the Ecosystem

Stage 3:

  • Launch of Enterprise API Endpoints

  • Expansion of Crypto Processing Unit Servers Phase 01

  • Rental of AI CPU Nodes for Advanced Computing

  • Introduction of AI Trading Tools

  • Achieving User Growth to 1,000 Members

Stage 4:

  • Introduction of Personalized AI CPU Node

  • Crypto Processing Unit Servers Expansion Phase 02

  • Launch of the Crypto Processing Unit Node Exchange

  • Development and Release of a Mobile App for Monitoring Operations

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