How CPU Works

The Crypto Processing Unit platform, along with its dedicated Telegram bot, is designed to streamline your engagement with a global network dedicated to collective cryptocurrency mining. From initiating mining tasks to receiving your mining outputs, the bot facilitates every phase with user-friendly automation and guidance.

Mining Task Submission and Distribution via Bot:

  • Initiation: Begin by communicating your mining task details to the CPU bot using the /start command. Outline your specific mining requirements briefly.

  • Bot Action: The bot assists you in defining the precise needs of your mining task. Once you submit, it adeptly allocates your task across our network of decentralized CPUs.

  • Feedback: Enjoy real-time updates on the progress of your mining task directly from the bot, keeping you fully informed at every stage.

Processing and Security Verification:

  • Parallel Processing: Your mining tasks are processed in parallel. The bot sends you notifications about the progress, demonstrating the efficiency of distributed computing.

  • Blockchain Security: With blockchain technology, the bot ensures the integrity and security of the mining process, offering you reassurance about the reliability of your mining results.

Secure Output Delivery:

  • Encryption and Delivery: Upon completion of your mining tasks, the bot notifies you that encrypted results are ready, ensuring your data remains confidential and secure.

  • Accessing Results: Follow the bot's straightforward instructions to safely access and download your mining outputs. The process is designed to be secure and hassle-free.

Bot Interactions for an Enhanced Experience:

  • Resource Management: Utilize the bot's Resource Harmony feature for effortless management of your shared CPU resources. It includes commands for monitoring, adding, or modifying resource allocations.

  • Real-time Alerts: With the bot's Instant Notifications, you can opt in or out of alerts to stay updated according to your preferences.

  • Insights and Performance Analytics: Gain valuable insights into the performance of your contributed resources via the bot. It delivers comprehensive metrics upon request.

  • Earnings and Wallet Management: The bot's Earnings Nexus simplifies the tracking of your mining rewards, facilitating transactions and more. Commands are available for checking balances or conducting withdrawals

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