CPU Bot User Guide

Welcome to the CPU Bot, your essential tool for efficient collective mining participation and seamless financial transactions within the CPU ecosystem. This guide will introduce you to the bot's features, helping you to maximize its capabilities for an enhanced mining experience.

Getting Started with the Bot

Initiating Interaction:

Begin your interaction by typing /start to activate the CPU bot. This command opens up access to an array of functionalities tailored to facilitate your engagement with the CPU platform.

Exploring the Main Menu

Accessing Bot Services:

The main menu presents various services such as Resource Management, Alert Configuration, Mining Insights, and Earnings Nexus. Navigate these services using the bot’s interactive buttons or type /menu for a quick list of all available options.

Resource Management (Resource Harmony)

Managing Mining Resources:

Select "Resource Harmony" to manage your mining resources with ease. For newcomers, the bot provides a step-by-step guide to contributing or utilizing CPU resources. Future updates will include Dynamic Resource Allocation (Coming Soon), allowing for automatic adjustments based on mining demand.

Configuring Alerts (Alert Setting)

Customizing Notifications:

Control your notification preferences for resource additions or updates. Activate notifications with /notify on, or adjust settings with /notify off to personalize your alert preferences. Upcoming features will introduce System Health Alerts (Coming Soon) for timely updates on the health and performance of your resources.

Mining Insights

Analyzing Performance:

Access detailed analytics on your contributions’ performance through "Mining Insights." Evaluate key metrics such as resource utilization, network contributions, and mining efficiency. Enhanced Analytics (Coming Soon) will offer predictive insights to optimize your mining strategy.

Earnings and Wallet Management (Earnings Nexus)

Financial Overview and Operations:

Navigate your financial activities effortlessly with the "Earnings Nexus" feature. Set up a new wallet instantly with "Create Wallet" or type /createwallet for direct access. For wallet details and transactions, choose "Display Wallet" or input /displaywallet to view your balance and history. Execute secure withdrawals through the "Withdraw" option or by typing /withdraw, streamlining the process of accessing your earnings.

This user guide is your pathway to leveraging the CPU Bot for a streamlined and productive experience within the collective mining ecosystem. The bot’s intuitive interface and comprehensive functionalities are designed to support your journey from novice miner to seasoned contributor, ensuring that you make the most of the opportunities presented by the CPU platform.

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